Storm Emergency Preparedness

Please insure you prepare for any future storms. The HA has provided links below to the HA materials distributed and to other useful links. A little prevention can be the difference between positive health and safety and health and safety tragedy.

Please prepare for the summer/fall/winter storm season. Do you have a plan for your medication? Pet? personal needs? when snow/flooding/hurricanes keeps you from going out. Do you have a plan for food should the power go out? for warmth or cooling? Have you reviewed the HA information for keeping pipes from freezing in extreme cold? Ensure you leave heat on at least 60 degrees during the winter? Your preparation can help you prevent unnerving or catastrophic events to your health and personal well being. Tropical storm season is typically June through November, please follow weather and HA information/warnings.

  • Islip Town Information (also sign up for alerts from Islip Town and Suffolk County)
  • FEMA
  • Suffolk County OEM
  • HA Tenant Storm guide is available at the link below, residents of the HA received the information directly for 2023 (annually) if you are a tenant living in a unit. Create your plan today, share it with a friend or someone you trust so that your personal well-being can be maintained.