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Site work and seasonal information

The HA is utilizing the Housing Inspector during Covid-19 to perform frequent walking inspections while he is temporarily not in the community field as frequently.

The HA has set in motion work as follows to be completed over the course of the next few months and through the spring.

Planning for the fall work and clean up season is underway. The HA landscape contractor will clean up for fall as needed, the water systems will be shut off and blown out, the outside spigets will be shut down and the HA will prepare for the winter season.

Pricing new HVAC equipment for the Central Islip and Mill Pond facilities. On going energy efficiency improvements are underway and Ockers will finish the portfolio project by Fall 2021.

The HA recognizes many notices are sent about safety and Covid, issues related to tenants being frustrated with each other, varying issues, all the HA ultimately hopes for is peace and harmony among tenants so the HA can focus on providing housing, even if we are all unique in our own ways, the things we/you can control our/your own actions, choices and how we respond, life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react.

These updates are provided so you are aware of the work the HA has planned to maintain and try to improve the facilities, as Director I never look at our facilities as subsidized housing, it is just housing and the goal is to make it as nice as possible. All people are different and we may not agree on everything with our neighbors and how things are operated, but we try to adjust and find the best possible results, even if imperfect. Ultimately the HA is trying to provide housing with limited resources and budgets spent over time responsibly to allow for long term viability of the property.

The HA will work to get these jobs done as fast as schedules, weather and conditions permit. Thank you to the Ockers tenants that sent in notes and cards recognizing the efforts and improvements. The words go a long way for employee morale!