The Town of Islip Housing Authority, est. in 1969, strives to maintain consistent and effective implementation of housing subsidies to eligible families within the Town of Islip.

High Performer Designation FYE 6/30/23 Score of 104 (100+ bonus) Section 8 (What is SEMAP?)

HUD Compliance Audit indicating Strong Performance and no findings or recommendations.

 The Town of Islip Housing Authority is a Municipal Housing Authority (public corporation) created in accordance with the provisions of New York State Public Housing Law. The H.A. Board of Commissioners are comprised of seven members, five members are appointed by The Town of Islip Supervisor, Angie Carpenter and the entire Town Board of the Town of Islip and two program participants of subsidized programs managed by the Housing Authority are elected by the other eligible program participants living in the Housing Authority subsidized units. These individuals are dedicated volunteers from our local communities working together to insure proper oversight and successful program operations.

 The Board appoints an Executive Director to run the day-to-day operations. The Board of Commissioners meets at least monthly September through June.

Every Housing Authority employee works hard to maintain the highest level of professionalism, knowledge and experience, so that, families can receive the maximum benefits that can be afforded to them within program guidelines.

 Although HUD has scored the Islip Housing authority as a High Performer for 18+ consecutive years, the Board of Commissioners are dedicated to providing housing and services through the administration of the HUD subsidies at the highest level possible. The Board expects that the Executive Director and Housing Authority staff will perform and implement Board and or HUD policies to achieve their goals.

It is our sincere hope that this web page and our agency can provide enough information and assistance in order that the programs and services administered by the Town of Islip Housing Authority reach the families that are eligible for them.