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June 26, 2020

All Islip Housing Authority Tenants

Site work and sprucing up of the facilities update.

The GOOD News is there are no huge projects scheduled this season, only the seal coating of the roadway inconvenience scheduled before the end of July and energy efficiency improvements, not huge, but there is some unit work, to Allyn Drive and possibly Ockers later into the fall, but the rest will be sprucing up, cleaning up the details to allow all of the bigger project work to show through. The HA is utilizing the Housing Inspector to perform frequent walking inspections while he is temporarily not in the field. The HA main office and site lighting auto generator for storm resiliency will be up and running in July if the last item needed and testing stay on schedule. The generator will be an automatic turn on that allows us to operate and for site lighting to work for safety.Mill Pond we finished the stream storm resiliency project.

The HA has set in motion work as follows to be completed over the course of the next few weeks and through the summer.


-Sprinklers repairs, the HA contractor is delayed so the HA is working to try and get the repairs done in house. Line breaks were located down below roots, we have to dig around and move lines. Sorry for this time and mother nature, and trying to locate a little leak in a field is at times difficult, but we did find two today, roots grew through lines.

-Soil and seeding of any bare areas at all sites, first stop Ockers to touch up and fix where contract work was done and bare areas throughout the site.

-Plantings where needed, especially out in front of sites, the area around the new walkway and the front area, Mill Pond, Allyn by the entrance and Smith touch ups to augment the work already done.

-Trimming and keeping trimmed bushes and any weeds protruding up, Mary Kevins is meeting with the landscape contractor to go over what needs to be addressed now and as ongoing maintenance. Thanks for your patience, these items were on the March to do list, but Covid slowed us down but did not take us down.

-The dumpster enclosures were completed last year, the HA will be finishing up the back area of mill pond where the drainage was put in and closing it off for HA use and to prevent cars from coming in and “hanging out” back there.

-Replace any bushes that may have died.


-The HA will be pressure washing either through a contractor if available or in house, whichever is faster. We have new windows & new doors installed, we need some new paint and clean up the trim, the HA wants the site all done too for your benefit and our appearance, we are close. The conversion to RAD allowed us to get these bigger projects such as the windows and screen doors and accessibility work completed, just a few of the details now that no mass dust storms or construction work scheduled for this year.

-The HA is reconfiguring the Allyn Lane community room to allow for safe meeting interactions with tenants/clients and staff when needed. The HA expects to continue limiting contacts for everyone’s safety, so we have come up with a plan to do so.

-Although not open yet the HA will be having the floors polished and sprucing up any painting or repair needs. When we do open up look out for the signs requiring masks, distancing, etc. Yes challenging for us all, but a necessity to help minimize risks.

-At Ockers you may have seen the new fire escape stairs replacement at the rear of the building, needed due to 40 year old rusting and dangerous condition, but that is almost done. The front fence at Ockers is being painted by HA staff.

The HA recognizes many notices are sent about safety and Covid, issues related to tenants being frustrated with each other, varying issues, all the HA ultimately hopes for is peace and harmony, even if we are all unique in our own ways, the things we can control our own actions, choices and how we respond, life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react.

These updates are provided so you are aware of the work the HA has planned to maintain and try to improve the facilities, as Director I never look at our facilities as subsidized housing, it is just housing and the goal is to make it as nice as possible. All people are different and we may not agree on everything with our neighbors and how things are operated, but we try to adjust and find the best possible results, even if imperfect. Ultimately the HA is trying to provide housing with limited resources and budgets spent over time responsibly to allow for long term viability of the property.

The HA will work to get these jobs done sooner than later and by the time you read this we have already started.