The COVID-19 Health Crisis is difficult for all people, the HA is working to maintain a level of assistance as necessary and remains responsive in a safe and effective manner for all of the program participants.

NOTICE- The Town of Islip Housing Authority has adopted applicable waivers provided under the CARES ACT, ref opens in a new windowPIH Notice 2020-05, superseded by PIH 2020-13 and opens in a new windowPIH 2020-30. Such waivers are adopted as needed to allow for program participants to participate during the COVID pandemic and to allow the HA to maintain effective operations.

    Please note there are NO WAIVERS FOR RENT PAYMENTS, rent payments are still due. The Section 8 or RAD programs have the inherent part of the calculation that your rent portion is based on income. The HA is here to recalculate your rent portion if your income goes down for COVID related or any reason, so there is no concern of being able to pay your program portion of rent because the rent is calculated the same way as before COVID, so the portion your family is responsible for is the same.

    In lieu of visiting the housing authority in person wherein the HA is taking precautions to limit unnecessary personal contacts, we encourage you to use the mail or the available drop boxes located outside of the main office. Communications or questions by calling 631-589-7100, the HA has assigned additional staff to monitor and return calls promptly. Please ensure that you provide a phone number and your name so the HA can return your call promptly. You can also schedule a return call using our website scheduler HERE. You can also scan or convert picture files in PDF format and email them to  documents@islipha.orgcreate new email (you can try a opens in a new windowfree scanning app jotnot or by submitting the documents using our online forms submission or by fax to 631-589-6575, there are also some free apps opens in a new windowthat will fax documents, simply search in your app section of your device. If you do not have a scanner, opens in a new windowfree pdf conversion apps are numerous and can be installed on your other devices. Rent payments can be mailed to the Housing Authority as has been the preferred method for many years, annual recertifications have also been conducted through the mail for more than 15 years and allow the HA to process your continued eligibility more easily. The HA has also added a chat feature and a call back scheduler located in the contacts section of the website. website scheduler HERE.


The HA inspections of all S8 units has re-started and participants will be notified as usual when scheduled. Special inspections will be processed as required. Re-inspections will be conducted as may be required and/or using an alternative inspection method to ascertain whether the unit has met the minimum HQS. New move in inspections will continue. The HA is inspecting exteriors of all units. For HA tenants living in units wherein the property management is done by the HA, please report any maintenance issues using the maintenance line phone number for our tenants living in HA managed units. The number is on a sticker inside your kitchen cabinets. For Section 8 program participants, you should continue to contact your landlord in accordance with your lease terms or the landlords established policy. Please advise the HA if your private landlord does not address your maintenance concern in a timely manner. Use any of the communication methods indicated above.

  • Non-Emergency Work Orders- If an adult 18 years or older is not home when we arrive, or if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, our staff will not enter the unit. A note will be left for you with contact information to reschedule.
  • Emergency Work Orders-Will be addressed as soon as possible. Emergency protocols will be used. When HA staff do enter a unit to make a needed emergency repair, all persons inside the unit will be asked to maintain a minimum of 8 feet of separation, such as waiting in the bedroom while working in the kitchen area and to wear a face covering. The HA staff utilize appropriate PPE when appropriate entering a unit for your safety and theirs.
  • Our staff are available to serve you, as always. We’ve augmented daily cleaning procedures with the use of disinfectant products on high-touch surfaces and working to keep hand sanitizer readily available for all staff.

We are also continually working to educate office and front line staff on the changing best practices recommended by the appropriate health officials. This includes proper hand-washing, especially after handling  documents as well as implementing a “no hand shake” policy and social distancing both inside and outside of the office areas when appropriate. As always, we are still committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Our goal is to assist you and your well-being by putting you at ease with as little disruption as possible.

The HA has implemented a business continuity plan in accordance with the CDC Guidelines for businesses and existing practices for other emergencies, such as Hurricane Preparedness, however, as we all are aware, health concerns remain a moving target toward which the HA will continue to respond as effectively and quickly as possible. The business continuity plan will be posted to the website in the near future.

Circumstances beyond our control may limit our ability to staff our offices. In the event that circumstances require at some time in the future causing our hours of operation or normal business practices to change, we will post updates on our website and provide information in a manner appropriate for the circumstances in an effort to insure our program participants can communicate with the HA.